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 To provide ministry, worship, study, and an outreach setting where the only foundation of faith is Jesus Christ, our Savior and Prince of Peace.To lovingly encourage all people toward regular, frequent participation in God's service of worship, wherein His Word and Sacraments are freely given.To teach the Word of God in its pure truth, as it is faithfully expounded in the Confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church; and

to strive to make our congregation's practices reflect this faithfulness to sound, biblical Lutheran doctrine; and

to provide numerous Christian education opportunities and activities for people of all ages;

To be out and engaged with the people of our rapidly growing community, reaching forth boldly with the Gospel of Christ; and

to support the mission of our sister congregations in the Minnesota North District and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod to make the Gospel of Christ known "to the end of the earth" (Acts 1:8). To demonstrate Christian reconciliation-marked by a spirit of peace and unity, prayer for one another, forgiveness, and fellowship-within our congregation and in our lives with others, as together we engage the challenges involved in pursuing our Vision.To be faithful stewards of the abundance of God's blessings that He has given to all for the growth of His Kingdom and the spiritual, physical, and emotional care of people in need.To nurture and serve all families and family members of every age, from the youngest to the oldest, in every circumstance of life, whether rejoicing or suffering, with the power of God's Word.To seek and pray with thanksgiving for God's guidance and blessing in all things.